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In this section you will find various fabric storage containers made with 100% cotton fabric in a variety of sizes:  Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

The containers are individually made and so the sizes are approximate:

Extra Small - H4½"x W4" (H11.5 cms x W10 cms)

Small  - H6¼" x W6¼" (H16 cms x W16 cms)

Medium - H7½" x W7" (H19 cms x W18 cms)

Large - H9" x W8" (H23 cms x W20 cms)

Extra Large - H10" x W9" (H25.5 cms x W23 cms)

Extra Extra Large - H14" x W11" (H35.5cms x W28 cms)

Some of the containers are made with just one print for the outer section and lined in a contrasting fabric and some have a patchwork design.

All the containers are fully reversible.

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